Welcome to The Robiko Partnership. Whether you're an individual looking for a web presence or a small company wishing to extend their business potential online then we have the right package for you.

About Us

Since we’re getting more and more requests to provide web page design for small businesses, we have decided to set up a dedicated service selection around creation and maintenance of web site content.

 Following our Fairplay principles we would like to point out that our web services can’t involve extensive creative design work.

This  is valid as well for brand, logo or even company/corporate identity development and consulting. These creative tasks, particular if you’re using a professional agency, can easily reach thousands of pounds.

If you’re interested we’d be happy to introduce to an agency of our confidence, but we would not accept this kind of work ourselves.


Guide for good content

For readability we would always recommend a font without serifs, all our designs proposals will use the standard system font Arial for the body text of 12 point. Just tell us, if you’d prefer a different font.

If you display testimonials or customer quotes, make sure that this will be ok with your customers, it’s a small small world...!
Don’t provide any private information of your customer like a phone number!

Your contact info should only show information which allows to contact you 24/7 (and you wouldn’t be upset about it).
We strictly recommend NOT to volunteer your private phone number, chose a business number with voicemail option.

And please if you present yourself (and your team) with pictures, it IS worth it to have a professional photographer involved.

Keep your data up-to-date!
Included in our services we can provide your with our original DreamWeaver web layout files. But you’d need the program or somebody who has it to work on the files.
We also offer to keep your site maintained and updated for you (minor updates, like price list changes, new contact information and/or address, etc.), using our standard hourly rates for all bespoke work. Likely it wouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours once in a while and obviously we would provide you with an accurate estimate before we’d start the work.


Verify and register domain with Host service provider £150

Basic website package, 2 tier design (see sample illustration)


All texts, graphics and images provided by client (only minor retouching or layout work required), incl. 2 review cycles £250

Additional review cycle £50

Contact Us – option for basic package - Email and notifying (incl. multiple email addresses) £100

PayPal eShop – option for basic package (Price list tables to be provided by client) £200 (plus running costs)

Active running web banners, a cool feature and attention seeker, optionally updated on a regular basis

Visitors page count (costs involved)

Links and downloads (costs involved)

Registering with search engines (costs involved)

Support portal for client's customers (bespoke projects)

All bespoke work will get charged on an hourly rate £25 per hour

Contact Us
Contact Us